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Gear oil produces the necessary total flow and working pressure, from vane pump/gear pump/plunger pump, gear oil operates the product according to oil filter, electro-hydraulic reversing valve, relief valve, hydraulic press, static balance valve into electric actuator such as cylinder, controlled by conventional circuit or PLC/MCU circuit, so that the whole equipment can realize such actions as walking, supporting or lifting.


Pipe fittings, piping and filtering devices, hydraulic lifting platform with scissors are divided into fixed scissors, movable scissors, independent scissors, truck scissors, manual service traction belt scissors, special cargo scissors, lifts, pipes can not be damaged, joints can not be loosened, all joints must be tightened, disassembled, assembled and disassembled. The pressure lifting platform falls into the water inlet valve, cleans the plunger pump by air compression, then loads and reassembles, drops the gear oil, tightens the connecting head, takes off the oil filter, cleans up, cleans up by air compression, and then puts back into the tank, connects the pipeline, replaces the old oil, does not use the old oil, otherwise, the lifting platform fitness movement component in the software of the electric lifting platform system will accelerate the damage, the liquid. Press elevator roller bearings, intermediate and rolling bearings, hydraulic cylinder pins and rolling bearings, telescopic arm hinge shafts and rolling bearings, etc., in order to increase the service life of hydraulic lifting platform components, all components are added some lubricants, rotary bearings and other hardware, should be tightened periodically with a torque wrench according to the specified number of rotary bearings, in order to check whether the appearance of the equipment is damaged.


First, its principle is divided into curved arm type hydraulic lifting platform, hydraulic lift platform, straight arm hydraulic lifting platform, hydraulic lifting platform is the replacement platform of folding arm lifting platform and scissors elevator. At the very beginning, its basic principle is divided into the curved arm electric lifting platform, the scissors fork type electric lifting platform, and the electricity according to the working mode. Dynamic lifting platform, straight arm electric lifting platform and electric lifting platform are the substitutes for folding arm hydraulic lifting platform and scissors and forks lifting platform. They are self-walking, electric starting, self-supporting legs, simple operation and large working face. Especially, they have the ability to cross obstacles for hydraulic lifts.


1. The lifting platform of electric lifting platform can be divided into four-wheel sliding track type, two-wheel traction type, car refitting type, battery car type, auxiliary self-propelled type, lifting height-width ratio from 4 meters to 18 meters. The product series can be divided into 0.1 to 0.8 tons of weight. It can also be customized according to user requirements, up to 10 tons of self-weight.


2. the hydraulic lifting platform is widely used in the maintenance of factories and mines, plant management, hotel decoration and design industries.


3. Users can choose power mode and configuration according to their scope of use:


Electrical system: battery DC regulated power supply, single-phase or three-phase power supply, diesel engine.


2 Walks: Auxiliary self-propelled, two-wheeled traction, self-driving and car refitting.


Three legs: mechanical legs, guide legs, ordinary hands and legs, pull legs.


Automatic control system: explosion-proof electronic control system, remote control system software, PIC automatic control system.


5 guide rail pumping station: domestic pumping station dedicated to lift, and import pump station.


6 External protectors: organ cover unloader type, hole ring type, stainless steel plate airtight type, lifting platform manufacturer, in addition to as different aspect ratio of goods transport, widely used in high installation, maintenance and other work, the characteristics of lifting platform random elevator has been widely used in municipal engineering overhaul, wharf, logistics center cargo transport, building decoration, etc., the installation of automobile chassis. Battery car chassis can walk freely, work height-width ratio indoor space also has certain changes, with very light, independent walking, electric starting, self-supporting foot, easy to use, large working face, can surpass the obstacles to carry out height-climbing operations such as 360 degrees of arbitrary rotation advantages. Thirdly, hydraulic lifts are widely used in automobile, container, die manufacturing, wood processing, chemical filling and other industrial enterprises. Industry and production lines can meet the initial requirements of different working heights. In addition, they can be equipped with various operating desk modes and cooperate with various operating methods. They have the characteristics of stable and accurate lifting, frequent starting and heavy load. They reasonably handle the difficulties of various lifting and lifting work in manufacturing enterprises, making production and manufacturing more and more easy and very easy. The boarding bridge.


The lifting key of hydraulic press is to maintain the lifting function according to the working pressure transmission of the guide oil. The hydraulic lifting platform is generally applicable to various manufacturing enterprises and automatic production lines, such as trolley, shipping container, die processing, log processing, canning in chemical plants, to meet the lifting requirements of different operating heights. At the same time, it can be equipped with various types of countertops (such as balls, drums, turntables, steering, tilting). With all kinds of control methods (separate action, linkage, explosion protection), it has the characteristics of stable and accurate lift, frequent starting and large loading capacity. It is reasonable to deal with all kinds of elevator work difficulties in manufacturing enterprises, making production work relaxed and new products of aluminum alloy profile lifting platform new upgrade design. With high profile strength, the deflection and swing of the lifting platform are minimal. The mechanical structure of the fork cutter makes it have high stability, wide working mechanism and high bearing capacity. It makes the hydraulic lifting more extensive, suitable for multi-person working at the same time, and makes the hydraulic lifter more efficient and safer.http://cp199199.com